Peaches and Blackberry Ice “Cream”

It feels like the days are getting hotter, shorter but definitely not any cooler. I find it hard to even toast bread for fear that I will make it hotter inside. I have fans going, windows opened, light clothes on and plenty of water and it still feels like a sauna. I have even been putting the air conditioner on which is something I wanted … Continue reading Peaches and Blackberry Ice “Cream”


Moqueca de Camaroes (Brazilian Shrimp Stew)

The olympics are currently happening in Brazil so it seemed fitting to put out a recipe that is popular in Brazil. Of course in saying that I should also mention that I have not watched any of the competitions nor am I likely too ( one reason being I don’t have tv). I do however hear bits and pieces of updates on the radio and … Continue reading Moqueca de Camaroes (Brazilian Shrimp Stew)